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TauroPharm GmbH

The company behind TauroLock™ & TauroPace™

In 2000, TauroPharm GmbH was founded as a German company specialising in antimicrobial solutions. We have since developed a versatile product range: TauroLock™ for venous vascular access devices and TauroPace™ for cardiac implantable electronic devices. Today, we continue to expand our international network and raise awareness about infection prevention in different fields: dialysis, oncology, parenteral nutrition, and rhythm surgery. 

Our mission

At TauroPharm, we have one common goal: make the application of central-venous catheters and cardiac pacemakers as safe as possible. Following the premise “prevention is always better than cure”, we provide solutions that effectively protect patients against complications – and thereby reduce associated costs for the healthcare system at large. 


Our products


The TauroLock™ portfolio was designed for central-venous catheters and port systems. Thanks to a combination of taurolidine with citrate, heparin, and/or urokinase, all of these products serve two key purposes: 

1. Prevention of catheter-related infections
2. Prevention of catheter occlusion

Currently, taurolidine-based lock solutions – such as TauroLock™ – are recommended in many interdisciplinary guidelines. These include: 

  • ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)
  • GAVeCeLT (Italian Association for Long-Term Central-Venous Access Devices)
  • SFNCM (French Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)
  • DGfN (“Dialysestandard” of the German Society of Nephrology 2022) 

All TauroLock™ products have been investigated in clinical trials and are certified by regulatory bodies. 

TauroPace™ also contains taurolidine as an antimicrobial agent. It has been certified for prophylactic use during surgical procedures of placing or revising cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIED). This includes (among others): 

  • pacemakers
  • implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) 
  • cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT)
  • cardiac contractility modulation (CCM)
  • implantable or injectable loop recorders or monitors (ILR/ILM) 
  • all respective hardware

Our quality management

TauroPharm has a quality management system according to EN ISO 13485
We are constantly working on revising and optimising our products for different fields of application. To that end, we gather feedback from medical professionals as well as patients with VADs or CIEDs on a regular basis. This feedback inspires us to create new formulas that prove even more effective in specific cases. A prime example for this approach is TauroLock™-U25.000: Recognising that not all dialysis patients can rely on heparin, we added another variant to our portfolio.
Thus, TauroPharm GmbH became the sole supplier of an antimicrobial lock solution that contains urokinase (in addition to taurolidine and 4 % citrate): TauroLock™-U25.000 makes it possible to prevent both catheter-related infections and occlusions with just one product. 

Our sales network

In order to distribute our products, we collaborate with international partners who attend to customers in more than 50 countries. Our correspondents hold trust-based partnerships with healthcare professionals in different medical fields:

nephrology . oncology . gastroenterology . intensive and palliative medicine . home care . cardiology . cardiothoracic surgery

Beyond our existing network, we are always interested in connecting with new distributors who support our cause.  


Our educational programmes

Knowledge is the key to medical progress. With this in mind, we offer special training for distributors in all countries where TauroLock™ and TauroPace™ products are sold. This enables our partners to stay updated on the latest research findings, hear about first-hand experiences, and strengthen their own expertise. They will then share those insights with customers to help them make informed decisions.  


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